Saturday, September 30, 2006

Things I Wish to Accomplish This Ramadan

  • Finish reading the Qur'an. Last year, I was really serious about finishing the M.A.S. Abdel Haleem translation, but I only read up till the 37th Surah. The Holy Qur'an is the Supreme Authority because it is the actual Word of God, and whenever I read it, I feel a certain wave of comfort that I don't feel when I'm reading something else. There are many misconceptions about Islam in the world today, but to fully understand this way of life, we must start with the Holy Qur'an. I know that I will always be reading this Divine Book, because there is always something new to discover and experience.

  • Pray and meditate on a more consistent basis so that I'm more mindful of God. We all have other things that go on in our lives and we may not always find the time to pray, but we can be mindful of Him. Sometimes, all it takes is a moment of deep thought or closing your eyes and feeling the Divine Wind breathe into you. I wish to be closer to God.

  • Modest speech. Just because I don't swear anymore doesn't mean I've perfected modest speech! There are other terms and phrases that I want to abstain from saying. They're not profanity, they're just words that don't need to be said because there are alternatives. Sometimes I'll say something and I'll think, "that's a little too worldly, there's another way to say that." Some of the things we say imply something profane and we don't even know it! So be mindful of what you say, reflect on the meaning of the words, because many times we're not even thinking about the meanings. To me, this means a lot because to master the art of speaking is to get in touch with our inner Divinity.

  • Live more in the Present Moment. When one conquers time, one experiences Eternity. We may not be able to accomplish this at all times, but when we do, we get a taste of the Fruits of Paradise.

  • I wish to put the needs of others before myself. One of the five pillars in Islam is zakat, or charity, and it encourages us to think outside of ourselves. When we help others, we are also helping ourselves. We discover new things about us that we may have not known before.

  • Be at peace with myself as well as with others. To give Love selflessly is to worship the Creator and all He has Created.

  • Improve myself on many different aspects. I would like to cleanse myself of certain traits of mine that cause pain, frustration, and wasted energy. I believe surrendering to God is the best remedy.

  • Open my ears more to the Music that is always playing. Sometimes when I don't hear the Music, I need to be reminded by listening to something, and then I'll be at ease with things. I thought, if only I could hear it all the time, I would be more relaxed.

  • I need to believe in myself; believe that I have a Gift from God that needs to be shared for the better of the world, just like everyone else has a Gift. Not exactly the same Gift, but a Gift with the same purpose.

  • Sense of humor. Yes, I'm not a funny person. I wish to be funny. Someone please tell me some jokes to help me become funnier. Haha, just kidding. God wants us to be Happy, He Loves those who make their companions laugh, so share your compassion and smiles with one another! Savy?

  • I wish to become a better cook. No further comments.

  • All in all, I aspire to become a better person. One who is Universal, Expansive, Compassionate, and at Peace. But not "All-Knowing" for only God is All-Knowing. As Socrates once said, "The only true wisdom is in knowing that you know nothing."
I might think of more things and add them later. But for now, this is what I can think of. What are your goals this Ramadan?

~ Jehanzeb

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Hi Jehanzeb !
Hope everything is okay with you.
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